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Venture capitalists, Holdings and Beneficiaries

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  • Opaque ownership structure of the holding group
  • Lack of possibility to distribute the profits received by the group companies to the final beneficiary
  • Confusing financial flows within the group
  • Complex administration of the holding's business processes, including with the use of foreign jurisdictions
  • Insecurity of group assets

Our solution is
application of CII

The use of the fund allows you to build the optimal structure of the group and use all the benefits of a mutual investment institution



Your Benefits

  • Transparent and clear ownership structure of the group
  • Possibility of passing the international audit
  • Consolidation of the group's profit with the help of CII and distribution of it in the form of dividends to the final beneficiaries of the group
  • Simplification of financial flows administration, possibility of financing subsidized members of the holding group
  • Protection of holding assets
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Venture capitalists, holdings and beneficiaries

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