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We always have a ready-made corporate fund.

Ready-made corporate fund is a new corporate investment fund that has just been entered in the CII Register, has registered regulations, and has not operated.

The sale of CIF is carried out by disposing of 100% of the securities package with the participation of an investment firm.


In the event that our clients want to start investing in the shortest possible time and raising funds for the implementation of investment projects, the option of purchasing a ready-made corporate investment fund will allow you to start this process within a week.


As part of the service, we fully support the process of sale and change of CIF beneficiaries, make changes to accounts in banks, depository institutions and the National Depository of Ukraine, prepare packages of documents for registration of the required additional issue for the investment project and registration of the prospectus. We accompany the audit of the fund’s financial statements, organize meetings of participants and sign documents.


The buyer only needs to provide the necessary information upon request, and ensure the presence of signatories on the part of the buyer at the agreed time.


As a result, the new owner of the fund receives a complete package of documents with current data and the issue of corporate investment fund shares, necessary for the implementation of the planned investment project.

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Sale of CIF

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How long does it take to reissue a CIF per buyer?

Re-registration of corporate investment fund for the buyer from the moment of full payment of CIF shares takes 4 working days.

How is a corporate investment fund sold to a buyer?

The Buyer acquires CIF shares in accordance with the securities purchase and sale agreement, which is executed through the Investment Firm (Attorney), which has a License to carry out professional activities in the capital markets – the activity of trading in financial instruments. The Buyer must have an account in the Securities. The buyer becomes the owner of the CIF shares from the moment the shares are credited to his account in securities.

Why audit a fund that has not yet carried out activities?

In order to register the issue of CIF shares issued for the purpose of joint investment and the prospectus of the issue of these shares, the NSSMC must submit financial statements prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards, together with a report on the review of interim financial statements. It is impossible to register a prospectus without an audit.

What kind of asset will be in the portfolio of the ready-made fund I bought?

The finished corporate investment fund in the portfolio will have cash in the account, there will be no other assets, as the CIF did not operate.