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Creation of CII (UIF, CIF)

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In the event that our Client is in no hurry to implement an investment project with the help of CII, we offer the option of creating a new CII for the Client.


As part of the service, we fully accompany the process of creating a Fund from preparing a decision of the founder to depositing a global certificate for a registered share issue for the purpose of joint investment.


We will resolve all issues with the opening of accounts in banks, a depositary institution, the National Depository of Ukraine, organize the signing of contracts with all the necessary servants, organize a meeting of participants and sign documents.


The founder of the СIF must provide information upon request, agree on individual points in the statutory documents and ensure the presence of the signatories at the agreed time.


As a result, the founder of the Fund receives a full package of documents with up-to-date data and the issue of shares of the CIF for the purpose of joint investment (registered prospectus), which is necessary for the implementation of the planned investment project.

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Creation of CII (UIF, CIF)

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Is it possible to create a mutual fund without having your own AMC?

According to the legislation, a mutual fund is a set of assets owned by the participants of such a fund on the right of joint partial ownership, which are managed by the AMC and accounted for by it separately from the results of its economic activity. The UIF is not a legal entity, cannot exist separately from the AMC and cannot control the activities of the AMC, so it is very risky to create a UIF without having its own AMC.

What documents are sufficient to confirm the ability of the CIF founder to form the initial authorized capital of the CIF?

The documents confirming the ability of the CIF founder to form the initial authorized capital of the CIF are:

For the founder – a natural person – a copy of the declaration of property and income with the mark of the relevant supervisory authority for the last year preceding the year in which the decision was made to establish a CIF, or a bank account statement of the founder’s funds.

For the founder – a legal entity – financial statements together with the report on the review of interim financial statements, which confirms the ability of the founder to pay the appropriate contributions to the authorized capital of the corporate fund, prepared on the date of the decision to establish a corporate fund.

How to choose the right CII to implement an investment project?

When choosing between a mutual fund and a mutual fund, you need to know that the mutual fund is cheaper to maintain, because the AMC is easier to administer than the CIF, but holders of mutual fund investment certificates have no guarantees and leverage to control the AMC.

From what moment can the created CIF acquire the asset?

The created CIF can acquire assets only after its registration as a mutual investment institution (CII) and registration of regulations. In the period between the registration in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations and the entry of information about the CIF in the CII register, he has no right to take any actions other than those aimed at its creation and entry of information about it CII Register.

What does it mean to achieve CII standards?

  • Achieving CII standards is the achievement of the UIF minimum amount of CII assets established by law, namely – not less than 1250 minimum wages in the monthly amount established by law on the day of registration of the UIF as a mutual investment institution. For UIFs, the law sets a deadline for achieving the standards – six months from the date of registration of the issue of UIF investment certificates. The UIF is considered to have reached the standards from the date of issuance by the NSSMC of an order regarding the compliance of the UIF with the requirements for the minimum amount of mutual fund assets.
  • The minimum amount of CIF assets is not less than 1250 minimum wages in the monthly amount established by law on the day of registration of CIF as a legal entity. At the date of state registration of the CIF, the initial authorized capital must be at least the above amount and must be paid in full, respectively, the CIF meets the requirements for the minimum amount of assets from the date of its state registration.

Who can be the founder of CIF?

Founders (founder) of СIF – persons (persons) who decided to create it (legal entities and individuals, residents / non-residents). A CIF may not be established by legal entities in the authorized capital of which the share of state or communal property exceeds 25 percent.