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If you intend to create your own AMC and develop such a business as asset management, you have the opportunity to independently understand the procedure for creating an AMC, and ensure that Licensee complies with all standards set by the License Terms governing this activity. But if you want to reduce the time for the analysis of regulations, selection of certified professionals, preparation of the necessary packages of documents and the organization of the procedure for their signing, you can use our service to create an AMC.


As part of the service, our experienced specialists will provide professional advice on the creation of AMC, prepare packages of documents taking into account all the nuances and requirements for all stages of obtaining a license, starting with registration of a legal entity and opening bank accounts.


We will select a team of certified persons in accordance with legal requirements, organize the processes of signing all the necessary documents and passing an audit.


As a result, in the shortest possible time with minimal time, the customer will receive a company with a license and internal documents that meet the requirements of applicable law.

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Creation of AMC

frequently asked questions
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Who can be the founder of AMC?

Founders (founder) of AMC – legal entities and individuals, residents / non-residents. The share of the state in the authorized capital of the AMC should not exceed 10 percent. AMC participants (shareholders) may not include natural persons who have an outstanding or not removed in the manner prescribed by law conviction for crimes against property, in the sphere of economic activity and / or in the sphere of official activity and own shares directly (indirectly) in the amount of 10 percent or more of the authorized capital of the AMC.

What are the requirements for AMC premises?

The premises in which the AMC will carry out professional activities must belong to the AMC, or the AMC must have the right to use the premises (lease agreement, sublease, etc.), with the addition of the act of acceptance of the premises (if any) and the plan of the premises (indicating its size).

The premises must be non-residential, with a total area of ​​at least 30 square meters, and must be completely separated, ie not used by other legal entities at the same time. AMC is obliged to provide access to the premises for the disabled and less mobile categories of the population.

At the entrance to the AMC premises, and / or in the lobby of the building in which it is located, there must be a sign indicating the name and location of the AMC (floor and room numbers, if available).

The AMC premises must be equipped with security, fire alarm and provided with round-the-clock security – which is confirmed by the agreement on the use of the premises or a separate agreement on round-the-clock security.

What are the requirements for AMC staff?

The AMC must have at least three certified professionals (including a manager) who perform asset management activities. A person holding the position of chief accountant, or a person entrusted with the management of AMC accounting, must have a document of advanced training by training in a standard training program for accountants of professional stock market participants.

These persons may not be officials certified by specialists in another professional stock market participant. The AMC must have an internal audit service or a separate official – the internal auditor.

The AMC manager, the chief accountant (the person in charge of accounting), the head of the internal audit (control) service or the internal auditor must have an impeccable business reputation

What are the additional costs of creating an AMC, in addition to the cost of the service?

Additional costs for the creation of AMC are: expenses for notarial and registration services, audit, registration of the site, production of the seal, state duty for issuing a license, payment of membership fees in UAIB, expenses for salary including taxes, certificate of no criminal record).