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Asset management is a comprehensive service that includes a number of legally significant actions related to the support of the joint investment institution. We provide the widest range of services on the market, which includes:

  • Full accounting of the Fund and submission of reports on the Fund’s activities;
  • Concluding on behalf of the Fund contracts for the sale of assets, subject to the restrictions established by statutory documents;
  • Passing on behalf of the Fund tax, audit and any other inspections;
  • Full organization of document circulation, storage of all documents of the Fund;
  • Organization and holding of the General Meeting of the Fund;
  • Representation of the Fund’s interests in relations with public authorities, legal entities and individuals (residents and non-residents of Ukraine), international and public organizations;
  • Cooperation with banks, depository institutions, the National Depository of Ukraine, custodian of assets, audit firm, property appraiser, investment firms;
  • Making changes to the registration documents of the Fund if necessary (Charter, Regulations, Prospectus of securities issue);
  • Organization and conduct of financial monitoring of the Fund’s operations;
  • Organization of placement and redemption of placed securities of the Fund, taking into account the restrictions set by the Charter of the Fund;
  • Representation of the Fund at the general meeting of the issuer or other legal entity, the shares (shares, units) of which belong to the assets of the Fund, subject to the restrictions set by the Charter of the Fund;
  • Analysis of information on changes in the value of securities and making operational decisions on securities that are in the Fund’s portfolio;
  • Organization of liquidation of the Fund or extension of the Fund’s activity in case of need;
  • Free consultations on the Fund’s taxation;
  • Development of an individual model of work for each Client.
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frequently asked questions
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Is each component of the asset management service charged separately?

There are different tariffs for AMC services on the market. Our company LLC AMC “INVEST-TANDEM” applies a single pricing mechanism for all customers, each component of the service is not charged, we provide CIF full list of services at the agreed price.

Who keeps the original and statutory documents of the CIF?

Primary and statutory documents of the CIF are stored at the address of its registration. Funds whose assets are managed by the company are registered at the AMC address. That is, all statutory and primary documents are in the AMC office.

What is the responsibility of the AMC in the framework of cooperation?

AMC INVEST-TANDEM LLC is fully responsible for the entire list of services provided by CIF, including passing on behalf of the Fund tax, audit and any other inspections. Our Company carries out licensing activities and is responsible for violations of the requirements of the law, regulations, prospectus of the issue of securities of the CIF, investment declaration, agreement on the management of assets of the CIF.

What are the CIF levers of control over the activities of AMC?

The mechanism of control over the activities of the AMC is implemented by organizing the effective work of the control body – the Supervisory Board of the CIF.
The mechanism is:
– joint signing of all asset agreements by the AMC representative and the CIF Supervisory Board Member;
– joint disposal of bank accounts and securities accounts.

Can a CIF terminate the AMC agreement early?

The possibility of early termination of the agreement with the AMC must be specified in the asset management agreement. CIFs, the assets of which are managed by our Company, have the opportunity to terminate the asset management agreement for any reason.