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Business structuring

The asset management company INVEST-TANDEM has many years of experience in structuring business through CIF. Building the structure of a group of companies using a corporate fund allows you to take advantage of the investment fund, accelerate cash flows within the group, increase the profitability of enterprises and competitiveness. Structuring a business through a CIF allows for an international audit. A corporate investment fund can be used by businesses in completely different fields of activity.

Tax planning

Features of taxation of mutual funds make it possible to reduce the tax burden on a group of companies, and use additional opportunities for business development and reinvestment. This is a unique advantage of mutual funds that other instruments do not have. We know how to take advantage of investment funds for effective tax planning.

Investment fund asset management

INVEST-TANDEM AMC provides professional CII asset management in Ukraine. The service includes a wide and unlimited range of services. We select unique solutions, within the law, for the tasks facing each of our clients, we provide comprehensive services: from reporting to the development of personal strategies. Supporting the activities of investment funds is a key competence of our team, consulting on stock market activities is also included in the set of asset management services.

Financing the construction of real estate

СIF is a tool widely used in the construction industry. Effective mechanisms and models for raising funds to invest in the construction of residential and commercial real estate, which we have been using for 5 years, will be useful for construction companies and landowners who want to start construction but do not have sufficient financial resources to complete construction. We know the pros and cons of each existing model, we choose only reliable and safe investment methods for our clients.

Capital protection

The corporate investment fund was created in the form of a joint stock company. His shares are kept in undocumented form on a securities account opened with a depository institution. This makes it almost impossible to raid the company, and all assets registered with the CIF cannot be re-issued to a third party without the AMC’s signature, and if the statutory documents are properly executed – without the signature of a representative of the Fund. All investment funds we manage operate on the rule of two signatures (AMC signature + signature of a CIF representative), which guarantees double protection of capital and eliminates unwanted risks of economic concentration.

Creation of investment funds and sale of CIF

We specialize in creating corporate and mutual funds and always have new venture CIFs for sale that are ready to invest immediately. The ready-made CIFs we offer did not operate, all the constituent documents comply with current legislation, and the Fund’s assets include cash. Our specialists fully support all stages of the sale of the corporate fund and the re-registration of the CIF as a new buyer, including the registration of the issue of shares for joint investment and the registration of the issue prospectus of the Fund. Our specialists have created more than 200 CIFs.

Obtaining a license for AMC

Licenses for more than 10 asset management companies were obtained with the participation of AMC “INVEST-TANDEM” specialists. We assist in the preparation of AMC licenses and provide advice on organizing asset management activities to those who have decided to develop their own asset management company and work in the stock market, draw attention to the nuances that are not clearly stated in existing legislation, but apply to practice.

Management of intellectual property

Creating intellectual property requires a lot of investment. Usually, developers and authors do not always have sufficient financial resources to develop them. Investment funds allow not only to attract the necessary funding, but also to build a simple and clear relationship between inventors (developers) and investors.

Full legal support of CIF

Specialists of AMC “INVEST-TANDEM” are well acquainted with the legislation governing the activities of corporate investment funds. We provide full support to the activities of the CIF, prepare contracts for the acquisition of assets and support their conclusion, timely organize and make changes to the relevant state registers, constituent documents of the Fund. Our AMC accompanies all inspections of the corporate investment fund. Simply put, we do everything related to CIF and everything our Clients need.

Investing in Ukraine and abroad

We have experience in financing investment projects not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Corporate investment fund allows you to attract investment from almost any country in the world. We will tell you how to make such an investment as effective as possible.


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